Win Your Child Custody Battle

Child Custody

Child custody can be a high-stakes minefield to navigate when two parties have different ideas over the best interests of their children. In many cases, a child custody battle ensues. If you are embroiled in this type of legal dispute, there are steps you can take that can help you win your child custody battle.

Child Custody

Be Prepared

It’s important for you to be prepared for any child custody hearings that will be held. If you’ve hired an attorney, it’s best to consult with him or her about the particulars of your case, and any preparations you should make.

As a general guide:

.   Understand that a court will look to choose the better parent for the child(ren).

.   Make sure you have any documents involving the case. Your lawyer can advise you on this, so make sure you have anything your attorney asks you to bring.

.   The court considers a parent’s appearance and attitude during the child custody case to assess which parent should win, so how you look and conduct yourself will count.

Be the Better Parent

When you believe it’s in the best interests of your children that your desired custody terms be ordered by the court, it’s important that you’re the better parent and present yourself as such.

How to Present Yourself as the Better Parent

You should emphasize the following points to support your petition:

Child’s Physical Welfare: Focus on the physical aspects of your child’s daily life such as routine, sleeping habits, meal schedule and extracurricular activities. Judges notice the parent who encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Child’s Psychological Welfare: Focus on a willingness to ensure the child has access to liberal visitation with the other parent (if the other parent is fit to do so). Judges notice the parent who openly supports the child having a relationship with the other parent.

Keep in Contact with Your Attorney

If you are not being represented by an attorney, consider hiring one if you are in the midst of a child custody battle. A reputable family law attorney you’ve retained will know your case, as well as the court system, best. Any time you have questions or need advice on how to reach the best resolutions for you and your children regarding custody, he or she will be there to support and advise you on the best courses of action.