Why You Need an Attorney When Workers Comp Claims are Denied


Getting a denial for your workers comp claim can be disheartening but it doesn’t mean the battle is over. You need a knowledgeable attorney that can provide the push your case needs to get the compensation you deserve. True injuries that are caused by job-related activities should be handled fairly.

Assess the Strength of Your Case

An attorney experienced with workers compensation case law is the best source of assessment when it comes to your own case. Most people feel that their case is strong but a legal expert can see the weaknesses you aren’t aware of and suggest the right changes.

Determine Why the Case was Denied

The reason you need to have a legal expert assess your case is to try and determine why it was denied. You maybe told one thing, but what lead to that determination? It can point to what needs changing.

Find Ways to Strengthen the Case

It might require getting outside medical assessment in order to change the outcome. The use of a medical doctor that is aligned on the side of your employer can be damaging. It can be easier for them to claim an injury is older and not recent.

Give You the Honest View of Your Chances

Not every case will result in a positive outcome, especially when going to court. It can be tough to get the claim approved for a variety of reasons. You need an attorney that will give you the honest view of your case and what the likely outcome will be.

Give Your Case a Better Chance to Settle Before it Goes to Court

Your best opportunity for a decent outcome is to settle befor it ever heads to court. Having an experienced attorny on your side will improve your chances of reaching a settlement.

Call on the expertise of the workers comp attorney Portland OR injured workers rely on to give their workers comp claims a fair chance.