Why Many Believe That Artificial Intelligence Could Replace Paralegals?


Technology is influencing our everyday life. It is used in almost every sphere of our lives. It is used in business, accounting as well as lead management. Many jobs which were earlier done manually are now done using technology. However, there are some jobs which cannot be replaced by technology. As an instance, psychiatric counselling is a job that cannot be replaced by technology as of the day. Likewise there are jobs like that of legal professionals which require legal minds to do research, try cases and such jobs require to be done only by qualified, experienced and professional lawyers.

If you ask if artificial intelligence could replace paralegals then check the following points:-

Artificial Intelligence & Legal System

However, artificial intelligence or AI has made great inroads in recent years. Technology experts are working hard so that AI bots can mimic the way how humans think. Many research scholars in AI believe that in the coming years the shortcomings found in AI can be overcome. Many are of the opinion that in the days to come the legal professionals will be replaced by AI bots.


Most important thing in a lawyer’s career is to do research cases, gather evidences and materials and other legal resources to make representations on behalf of the clients in the court, try their cases. Technology experts and researchers have developed AI bots (ROSS) which can take ant legal questions, check its database of legal documents, cases and statutes and come up with an appropriate answer. The system becomes accurate with the passage of time as it learns more about a firm’s preferences and areas of practice.

Case Management

Case management software is already available and this helps the attorneys, paralegals to manage tasks, track the billable hours and condense the legal documents so that they can be easily found.

Trial Dates

There are predictions that in the future legal cases will be tried by bots.

Counselling Clients

Counselling and comforting the clients is critical in legal profession. Though many may try to find an alternative hi-tech technological solution to replace the counselling of clients, many are of the opinion that counselling clients by lawyers cannot be replaced by bots.