Why Do I Need an Attorney for Closing On a House?


Closing day when you are buying a house is the most exciting part of the process. It happens once everyone has come to comfortable legal agreements that lead to the full transfer of ownership to you and your family. You should have your attorney available for closing day.

What is a closing?

Closing is the final step in officially becoming the owner of a home. All of the contracts have been signed and the mortgage is officially set up to begin payments on your new home. Everything will be set in stone to release the funds to the seller, which are not always present. They are often represented by their attorney.

Who is present at the closing?

All of the participating professionals will be present at the closing of the deal. You will the home inspector, title insurance agent, attorney, real estate agent, mortgage officer, escrow agent, and you will all be there to participate.

What does the attorney do at closing?

The attorney is present to look over all of the legal documents and make sure the interests of the buyer or seller are well represented and everything is legal and above-board. It’s the time to make sure all papers are signed and everyone is aware of every detail and happy with the deal.

Will I have to hire an attorney?

If you do not have an attorney as a buyer, the attorney for the seller can step in and make sure you are aware of the legalities of the deal and that you are somewhat represented. It’s always preferable to hire your own attorney for closing to guarantee they are looking after your interests completely.

Consider hiring an expert attorney for real estate closing Austin TX new homeowners have trusted to ensure the deal was fair and equitable. It guarantees you are not facing any legal surprises down the road.