Why An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Make A Difference


When it comes to answering charges in a courtroom, people sometimes try to handle their troubles without an attorney. This is especially true for criminal charges stemming from a traffic stop, such as DUI or reckless driving charges. While it may seem as though these are similar to other traffic violations, they carry stiffer penalties and no one should try to handle them without the right legal advocate at their side.

Every Legal Matter Requires the Right Attorney

Even in cases of a minor traffic offense, an experienced lawyer can ensure you don’t end up paying penalties for an infraction that may have not been entirely your fault. Even if you are at fault and choose to plead guilty, a legal advocate can help ensure you don’t face penalties that outweigh the severity of your violation.

When it comes to more serious crimes, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, an attorney with years of experience at your side can make a significant difference. That experience means your attorney knows the law, but, more importantly, it means he knows the people involved in the criminal justice system. That kind of real world knowledge will enable him to know how best to handle your case. This can result in a complete dismissal of your case, before it even goes to trial. Similarly, your attorney may be able to get you an acquittal or a reduced sentence.

You Can Rely on Your Attorney

When you’re working with the best criminal defense attorney in Charlotte NC, you can feel confident that he will do everything within his capabilities to help you get the possible outcome. While a dismissal or an acquittal may not be possible in every case, your attorney will provide you with the best possible defense.

You can also trust that your attorney will keep your discussions confidential, even after your trial. Sometimes, people worry that their attorney may discuss their case with others, following the trial, but they still remain bound by the attorney/client relationship. When working with an attorney with decades of experience, you can trust that he only has your best interests in mind. It’s an ambition to provide each client with the best possible defense that drives your attorney to choose this line of work. Criminal charges are a serious matter, so never try to handle it without the best legal help at your side.