Who Can Help Me Calculate My Claim for Compensation

calculating claim

If you have been injured in an accident, then it is absolutely essential that you seek out sound legal advice, before you think about making a claim.

Sound legal advice will help you to become better informed about your rights following an accident, so that you can make the right decision regarding whether or not to claim.

calculating claim

Law firms

First and foremost, the best people to discuss your case with are law firms specialising in personal injury law. And ideally, law firms that have been in business for several years and have an excellent track record for customer care.

There are several hundred reputable law firms in the United Kingdom who can help you to calculate your compensation. We recommend that you start your search with a search engine, such as Google or Bing. Search for “law firm for accidents” (replacing accidents with your accident type) and see what comes up. Narrow down your choices further by searching for “law firm reviews” to get a clear indication of the quality of their service.

Claims helplines

Some law firms also operate helplines. These are usually free to call and they are offered with no obligation to make a claim, so they are a good way to get advice. One such helpline is operated by Accident Advice Helpline – the UK’s largest specialist personal injury law firm.

An accident advice helpline will be able to help you ascertain:

  • Your eligibility for making a claim;
  • How much your claim may be worth after calculating my claim;
  • How long the claims process may take;
  • Who your claim will be against;
  • What your legal rights are following an accident;
  • And much more.

How compensation is calculated

Personal injury compensation is calculated based on the extent of your injuries, and how your injuries have and will affect your life. Your age and gender will also play a role in how much you can claim, with younger people generally receiving more than older people.

The extent of your injuries will be ascertained through a medical examination; this is where a recovery period and your prognosis for the future will also be determined. The medical report generated from this examination will be used to calculate a fair and proportionate settlement demand, which will then be put forward to the other side.

You can also claim back any out of pocket expenses related to your accident and any loss of income, including overtime. To do so, your solicitor will need to see receipts and bills for your out of pocket expenses, and wage slips for your lost income. If you have lost out on any income support or other benefits, then it may also be possible to claim these back too.