Which Superannuation Issues Can Be Solved By A Solicitor


Superannuation is a special type of pension fund that will provide you with extra security once you decide that you are going to retire.

What Is This Type Of Retirement Fund?

  • This retirement fund is quite simple. Your employer is going to put money into your superannuation fund throughout the whole time that you are working for them.
  • You are going to “top up” this fund by adding in your own money as well.
  • This type of saving is going to increase the amount of money that you have in your pension pot.
  • If you switch to a brand new employer, you can retain the money that has already accrued and the new employer is going to start making contributions towards your pension fund.

What Disputes Can A Lawyer Help You With?

Usually, the superannuation process is extremely smooth and your employer will keep putting in amounts of money until the time comes for you to retire. There are different types of disputes which can potentially arise and need to be handled by superannuation lawyers who have a proven track record.

When these disputes occur, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to fight your case. What superannuation issues can a lawyer help you with?

When Your New Employer Refuses To Put Money Into A Superannuation Scheme

  • When you change jobs, your employer might refuse to put any money into the superannuation.
  • This means that you might not get the amount of money in your final retirement fund that you had originally planned for.
  • When this happens to you, you can hire a lawyer, and they are going to help to settle the dispute.
  • You should check the small print of your contract to see if the employer is obliged to put money into the superannuation fund every month until you retire.

When Your Employer Stops Putting The Money Into A Superannuation Fund

  • You might have been involved in a superannuation fund with your employer for a number of years.
  • However, they might have stopped putting money into the superannuation fund for reasons which have not been made clear to you at all.
  • This is a problem that needs to be sorted out diplomatically, so you should consider hiring a lawyer who has a considerable amount of experience in this particular area.

How To Find A Lawyer To Resolve This Situation

You need to make sure that you find a qualified lawyer so that you are going to be able to resolve the situation regarding your employer’s contribution. They will give you the best possible chance of having the matter resolved easily.


A lawyer is going to resolve your superannuation issues so that you can continue to receive money from your employer until you decide that it is the time that you should retire and claim the money that has been saved. This is going to allow you to live comfortably.