When You Need a Get-out-of-jail-free Card


In the game, you may be able to get out of jail with a special card, but in reality, you need a pardon, or record suspension, to have your criminal record expunged. Juristes Power Law is an example of a company that can help you get a pardon in Canada that will help you get a job, enjoy international travel and further your education when the stigma of a criminal record is removed.

Who Is a Candidate for a Pardon?

Getting a pardon is a major undertaking and requires professional help. Before starting the process, you need to be sure you are eligible. There are two main criteria for eligibility, the waiting period and the offense. There is a five-year waiting period for minor offenses such as breach of parole and a 10-year waiting period for more serious crimes such as major theft and assault. Pardon Applications of Canada will help you determine if your waiting period is five or 10 years.

Who Gives a Pardon in Canada?

The Parole Board of Canada is the body that has jurisdiction to grant or refuse to grant a pardon as well as revoke a pardon. The Criminal Records Act governs pardons and provides relief for people who have rehabilitated themselves after being convicted of offenses. An applicant who has submitted the proper documents has waited the requisite time and has been of good conduct will receive a pardon. People not eligible are those who have committed serious offenses such as sexual nature against minors or have three offenses of two years or more.

What Documents Are Needed?

It is not easy to gather all the legal documents you need to get the pardon you deserve. This is one reason why having professional legal help makes the process much easier. The documents you need are:

• Royal Canadian Mounted Police fingerprints
• Proof of all the convictions on your criminal record
• Information from the court that heard the case or cases
• Local police records from the applicant’s hometown and any other town where they lived during the past five years if they lived there for three months or more
• A Record Suspension Application Form filled out properly

The most common reason for wanting a pardon is that a criminal record may have a negative impact on your life. It can interfere with getting the employment you want and it may make you vulnerable to being suspected of crimes you did not commit. It may make it difficult to travel abroad, rent property, volunteer and get training. Most important a pardon will give you the peace of mind you deserve after years of living an exemplary life.