When the Insurance Company Rules Unfairly, You Need a Car Accident Attorney

Insurance Agent.

Suppose you are driving home from work and someone sideswipes your car driving in the next lane. This seems like an obvious cause of the other driver at fault; however, they might just say it was you that crossed the line in traffic. What should you do now?


If your insurance rules this a 50/50 claim, this will mean you are responsible for half of the repairs on your car, and the other party is in charge of the other half. Likewise, you are responsible for half of the repairs on their car. If there are medical costs, you are required to pay half their bills, plus pain and suffering. This hardly seems like a fair judgment when you are positive that the other driver is at fault.

This is the time for you to hire a car accident attorney familiar with negotiations of injury claims and settlements. Someone needs to represent you in a sticky situation such as this. You need a qualified attorney to file the claim, go through the legal process, negotiate with the insurance company and possibly represent you in court.

James E. Maslyn Law Office, which you can contact at (585) 739-2273, is a qualified and experienced car accident attorney that understands the legal system and the required statutes regarding car accidents and injury claims and settlements. He can file the necessary paperwork to bring your claim to the forefront of the court system. Most importantly, he can mediate with the other insurance company so that you may never have to go before a capricious judge and jury.

A mediator is an arbitrator that will talk to all involved with the accident on your behalf. When the mediator meets with all the parties, he will discuss all the issues pertaining to the car accident, and also present the proof of your case. It is at the mediation table that feelings and injuries are discussed, and a resolution is offered. You can accept or refuse the offer.

When a resolution is accepted, this is a binding judgment from a court of law just like a judge’s ruling, only the time and expense of going before a magistrate in the judicial system is eliminated. The mediation is much faster, more personal, and considerably less expensive. A mediator can relieve all the stress of a car accident and give you control over the outcome.

Hiring a car accident attorney in the case of a wrongful insurance decision will be your best course of action. Sometimes, just the fact that you have initiated legal action is enough to change the insurance company ruling and decision. If this is the case, your justice has been served within a very short time. If this is not the case, a car accident mediator will take this to the next step, meeting at the mediation table for discussion. If an agreement is not possible, the car accident attorney will stay with you all the way through the trial and judge’s ruling. You will have the advantage of experienced counsel that knows you and your case thoroughly.