When Is It Time To Hire A New York Divorce Lawyer?


Have you and your spouse been separated for a considerable period of time? Have you separated before, then reconciled, but are now separated again? Are you seriously considering divorce as the next step in the dissolution of your relationship? If any of the above scenarios match your own current situation, it is very likely time for you to consider hiring a New York divorce lawyer. If you have done everything in your power to keep your marriage strong and healthy but have had to admit failure, then your next logical move is to dissolve the relationship and limit your losses as you do so.

A New York Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Hang On To Your Property

Since 2010, the “no fault” divorce has been the general law of the land when it comes to divorce settlements in the state of New York. However, you may find yourself less than pleased when the initial settlement is handed down by the judge. To prevent receiving less than you are due from a divorce settlement you will need to engage the services of a qualified New York divorce attorney. Having a strong ally in your corner is your best defense against being deprived of valuable property that is rightfully yours. To prevent this, or contest the initial settlement, you’ll need a lawyer to speak for you.

A “No Fault” Divorce Doesn’t Always Guarantee an Equitable Division

You should know that a “no fault” divorce doesn’t always guarantee that the property and other assets related to the marriage will be divided in a way that meets your best interests. If your spouse has hired a particularly skillful and experienced lawyer, you may be at a serious disadvantage unless you also hire a strong divorce lawyer. If you feel that your property, livelihood, or quality of life are at stake, it’s an excellent idea to hire a lawyer whom you can place your full trust in.

A New York Divorce Lawyer can Advise and Assist you with Child Custody Options

One of the most pressing concerns that will occupy your mind as you prepare to initiate divorce proceedings will be the welfare of any children that may have come from the marriage. As a parent you will naturally be concerned with protecting their safety and general welfare. If you feel that your spouse may not be the best person to guarantee their continued health and safety, you may have to push for sole custody of them. At the very least, a qualified and experienced New York divorce attorney is your best bet to guarantee shared custody and visitation rights with your children.

How can you Contact a New York Divorce Lawyer to get Started?

When you’ve suffered long enough and simply can’t endure the additional pain that staying in your marriage will bring, it’s time to get out. If you are ready to get started on your divorce proceedings your best bet is to contact a professional New York divorce attorney. Many law firms, such as Tully Rinckey PLLC, devote a large part of their practice to handling divorce cases. If you’re ready to declare your personal and financial independence, visit a professional divorce lawyer.