What You Should Check with Your Divorce Lawyer During Your First Meeting


Meeting with a divorce lawyer can be a difficult time and can make the whole thing feel a lot more real. Due to this, many people have a load of questions in their head when they go in that they don’t get to ask. Having a list of important questions ready before your first meeting means that you will have the answers to everything before you leave and will be able to choose if this lawyer is right for you and your case. Here are some of the common questions that you should get an answer to during your first meeting.

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Whilst it may not seem right to bring up money straight away, fees are one of the most important issues for those going through a divorce. Unfortunately, divorce can be expensive and so knowing your lawyers’ fees in advance means you can budget ahead and won’t be left with any unexpected bills that you are unable to pay. Every divorce lawyer has a different structure regarding their fees and this may be per hour or a fixed fee. Divorces can take a long time, especially if they become messy and so you need to know you can afford the lawyer you have chosen in the long run.

Marital Assets

A good divorce lawyer should be able to provide you with an easy formula which aids in allocating assets that you both own between the two of you. This formula can vary depending in the state that you reside in and the property laws of the state and so finding out what these entail in your first meeting means that you will know from the get-go what you are entitled to. If you are looking for a family lawyer that you can trust with your divorce proceedings, then consider using M. Sue Wilson.

Child Custody

If you have children, this is one of the most important subjects to cover in your first meeting. Sometimes parents cannot agree between how much time each child gets to stay with them and it can often be the case that one parent wants full custody. Asking your divorce lawyer about the chances of you gaining full custody means you know what will go in your favor and what won’t. it is essential that you are fully honest with your lawyer and disclose anything that may prohibit your chances of gaining custody. Failing to do this means that your lawyer cannot adequately fight your corner. It’s also worth asking about other dispute resolution choices as child custody can really draw out divorce proceedings. Things like arbitration or mediation can help to solve child custody issues without having to go to trial.

Writing down a list of questions that you want answered during your first meeting means you can leave knowing exactly what you need to in order to make a decision about your divorce lawyer. Choosing a lawyer that specializes in family law means that they can provide you with the best services and have plenty of experience in the field.