What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney in Bossier City LA


Bossier City is a rather small town in Louisiana which offers family festivities in the form of small-town festivals and horse racing at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs. Like any other town, Bossier City also has its fair share of divorces and related family issues. When you need legal advice or representation for court, finding a divorce attorney in Bossier City LA who also offers mediation services can help you resolve the issue with less time and money.

Mediation: A Good Way to Preserve Relationships

Family disputes are some of the most complex and difficult issues to work out through litigation. Emotions and the loss of privacy that are presented in the courtroom can increase negative feelings and cause damage that may be irreversible. Pamela Breedlove explains that she makes every effort to find the best resolution for everyone involved in a case while protecting innocent members of the family. When the dispute is a divorce, a peaceful resolution is even more valuable when there are children involved.

Experience Matters

Regardless of whether you will be entering into a courtroom trial or attempting a resolution through mediation, the experience of your attorney/mediator is one of the most important factors to look for. An in-depth understanding of the law is just as important in mediation as it is in litigation. The place of the mediator is to guide you through the negotiations and advise both parties on the laws and how they relate to their case. When a more aggressive approach is taken and litigation is required to reach a resolution, your attorney will need to be familiar with all of the applicable laws to give you the best representation.

Mediation Services

All mediators are not attorneys and vice versa. The benefit of having a mediator who also serves as a divorce attorney in Bossier City LA are obvious but they also need to have the reputation for being a skilled mediator. This means that they are able to remain neutral while guiding the mediation towards a resolution that both parties will be agreeable to. It requires an understanding of people and their situations to be able to provide potential solutions that they will determine are fair.

Divorce Attorney

Mediation is one method of alternative dispute resolution that can be used to resolve personal or legal disputes. In some cases, arbitration may be a better option or it may be tried if the mediation is not successful. While the parties involved in mediation retain control of the final agreement, an arbitrator makes the final decision after arbitration and presents it in writing as an “award” which is binding.

Most people who want a divorce attorney in Bossier City LA who will provide them with the fastest, least expensive, and most peaceful divorce possible find that mediation is a successful process that results in a resolution that is fair for all parties involved. To ensure the success of the process, start with the experienced divorce attorney with the skills to expertly guide or represent you.