What to Expect from a Good Lawyer


It is common to find someone who is dissatisfied with a lawyer they hired to help on some legal matters. The task of choosing a good attorney is not easy and a lot of time and consideration is required when you want to select the right lawyer for you. There comes a time when you realize you chose the wrong lawyer to handle your legal matters and so it is essential to understand the qualities of a good lawyer before hiring any person to represent you. If you are a person who is dissatisfied with your attorney, then this article will aid you in determining whether whatever complaints you have are reasonable. If you want to find a lawyer who is right for you, then read on.

Most of the problems that most people have with their attorneys usually fall into four categories. These are competence problems, fee problems, communication problems and ethical problems. Listed and discussed below are some of the things you need to expect from a good lawyer.


To most people, it is a big shock that there is no guarantee of any competence when you hire a lawyer. It is evident that all lawyers have passed a bar examination. However, a single test at the beginning of a lawyer’s career is not all that important. If you try to complain to a bar association that you hired a lawyer that is incompetent all that you are likely to get back is a shrug. A good lawyer needs to be competent in his or her work.  If for example, your lawyer makes a mistake which no reasonable attorney would have made then that act is called malpractice, and you have the right to sue that lawyer. It is essential to find a lawyer that is competent in his or her work. Digging deep into the lawyer’s background will help you when choosing a lawyer.


The next time you hire someone to represent you on legal matters, make sure your fee agreement is in writing. In some countries that is the law and it is always a good idea.  The agreement should specify the number of times you are to be billed. Most of the complaints from many people about their lawyers are always about the bill the lawyers charge their clients.

Communication Problems

Communication is one area you need to put consideration into. Communication problems can cause a client to think that they have a bad lawyer when they don’t or feel that their attorney is doing a good job when the attorney is doing a lousy job.  A good lawyer should be able to give you a basic description of your legal matters in a way and language that will help you understand best. The lawyer also needs to help you know the kind of problems that you will most probably expect.  Your attorney needs to answer and return your phone calls promptly.


Each state has some ethical laws that bind lawyers and attorneys. These laws will require the lawyers to represent their clients with loyalty, serve them with competence, represent the clients within the bounds of the law and keep their client’s confidences.