What to Do When Your Human Rights Have Been Violated

United by the idea of implementation of the legal rights, young lawyers must be reinforced in building a quality legal system that many people rely on.

According to www.impairedlawdesk.com the one thing that unites young lawyers today, is the reign of law, respect and the real meaning of the laws and the wish for social changes.

The essence of the application of law is that the applicability appears in different practices, and failure to implement the laws is a serious violation of human rights. Lawyers have to build trust in the legal system because they have no other alternative. If legal certainty cannot be obtained from the court, it then creates frustration.

There are a number of cases that do not comply with the laws and the Constitution. These cases should not pass unnoticed without determining who is to blame. It is a fact that many citizens and lawyers face such problems. There is no magic formula to solve these problems, but everyone should be aware that these things actually happen in practice, in terms of applying the law. It is no secret that many people are being wrongly accused of something and they have to pay a certain fee or even face imprisonment for something they didn’t do. These cases are a real challenge for lawyers and in cases like this, they feel even more motivated to help individuals fight for their rights. The good thing is that many experienced and knowledgeable lawyers manage to win such cases.

Many individuals are facing violations of their rights even during certain police actions. It should be noted that such violation of human rights is identified as a crime and the person who commit that crime must face the consequences.

The Ombudsman is an institution that protects human rights in case they are being violated by an authority This institution has powers and a right to visit to visit the places where people are being arrested, detained or imprisoned without any prior notification. Citizens who believe that their rights have been violated, must file a complaint to the Ombudsman. If the institution determines that the rights of the individual have been violated, they will initiate a disciplinary proceeding against the officer and submit a request to the competent public prosecutor for initiating a procedure for taking criminal responsibility. It should be noted that this institution does not have any rights to perform an investigation or take some judicial functions. The main function of this institution is to ensure effective protection of potential victims of violation of human rights. Besides the fact that we live in a democratic society, these things still happen and the government must do something to change all of that.

The next time you feel that your rights have been violated, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate institution and submit all the evidence that you have.