What Is LifeLock?


When your life is about to be stolen, an alert could very well be the very thing you need to save yourself. However, it is not as though an identity thief comes knocking and announcing their arrival. As a matter of fact, identity theft is so subtle, you only notice it after a grieve mistake has been committed in your name. For instance, if you clear your credit and savings accounts or if you commit a crime and the police come knocking. Explaining that you were the victim and not a perpetrator can also have its challenges. So what do you do? Employing an identity theft protection company is your best bet.

LifeLock is the company of choice here. Founded in 2005, the company has had countless years of experience in dealing with identity theft. As a result, it offers comprehensive identity theft protection for yourself and even your children.

LifeLock offers three levels of identity theft protection. These are the Standard package, the Advantage package and the Ultimate Plus package. Ultimate Plus offers a whole lot more protection with basic and in-depth identity theft monitoring and protection. Some of the most notable advantages of getting an Ultimate Plus plan is the availability of their black market websites monitoring service, the sex offender registry reports service and the file sharing network searches.

The monitoring of black market websites is done so that in the event that your identification is found to be for sale in any of the sites, you receive a notification to which you can act promptly. The sex offender reports protect not just you but your children and the community as a whole, while the searching of file sharing networks protects your information from hacks and data breaches.

What happens in the event that any of your identification documents, which include your ID, social security, credit card and/or credit information or any other related information is found to have been breached, is that LifeLock sends you an alert of the same. You can then act on the alert and cancel for instance, your credit card, rendering it useless to the thief.

LifeLock has been reviewed by countless people as having a great service with functioning identity theft protection. Though there have been various complaints and concerns raised about the service, they have all been ironed out and the services restored to their top notch status. You can never be too careful with your identity and having LifeLock watching your back is a great move when it comes to the protection of your identity.