What Is A Criminal Lawyer?


The law is complex and becomes more complicated every year.  This is because there are basic rules and regulations which all individuals are expected to follow.  However, most rules can be interpreted differently depending upon the circumstances surrounding a specific instant; there is no such thing as a simple yes or no when dealing with the law!  Every case which is brought to the court will generate a ruling and these rulings can create precedents which will affect the outcome of future cases which have a similar theme although not necessarily similar facts!).  In fact, these precedents can sometimes be used to nullify or change past rulings!

A lawyer is dedicated to knowing and understanding the law.  They need to understand the concepts of the law, how past cases have affected the understanding of specific laws and how these principles can be applied to current cases to ensure their clients have the most favorable response possible.  In addition a lawyer needs to be aware of new legislation and economic factors which could influence future court decisions.  It is very complicated.  To deal with this every lawyer will specialize in a specific area of the law; this is why you have criminal lawyers, personal injury attorneys and even medical malpractice lawyers; there is simply too much information to be able to specialize in all the fields of the law!

The Criminal Lawyer

This is someone who is dedicated to defending any individual or business which has been accused of committing a crime; whether murder, domestic violence or even drug related crimes.  If the activity you have been accused of is classed as criminal then you will need a criminal defense lawyer.  All other matters are classed as civil and the services of a civil lawyer, specializing in the relevant field, would be used.

A criminal lawyer will have gone to law school, just as any other lawyer has.  They will then specialize in criminal law and start to build their career within a reputable company to gain valuable experience.  The best criminal lawyers rise to the top of prestigious law forms and offer a valuable service to those who can afford it.

The basic functions of the criminal lawyer are:

  • Discuss the case with you to discover what has happened and then investigate the facts and interview any and all witnesses. This is to establish all the facts and opinions of everyone involved.
  • They will then research past cases which bear a resemblance and statutes which may apply, as well as any procedural laws.
  • In conjunction with you they will then create the defense and design a strategy for dealing with the case as a whole and any individual testimonies which may create an issue.
  • They may then choose to negotiate with the prosecution to plea bargain for a reduction in severity of the charges in exchange for a guilty plea.
  • Alternatively they may draft a motion to suppress or dismiss the case and file it with the appropriate time scale.
  • Finally, they will attend the court to argue the case for the defendant and ensure a fair outcome is obtained.
  • If necessary they will also draft and file appeals.