What Happens if My Spouse Doesn’t Hire a Divorce Lawyer?


Getting divorced is itself a complicated procedure, even when you and your spouse both have legal representations. Regardless of the reasons like to save money or due to personal matters, sometimes people don’t hire an attorney during their divorce and if your spouse is also doing the same, we have something to tell you. There are few things that can become really challenging for you as the opposing spouse if your spouse is not hiring a legal attorney.

  •    It will take longer than you are expecting- If your spouse is not hiring an attorney for the divorce case, the paperwork filing and document signing etc. will take time as your spouse will independently handle everything without any legal help. There will be more chances that he will miss the deadlines or do something incorrect due to lack of experience. This will slower down the divorce process and will create lot of confusion. So be patient!
  •    Welcome misunderstandings- Courts have very precise requirements that most people aren’t aware of. Due to lack of experience and absence of legal advice, your spouse will always look for additional frees sources for advice. This will create lots of misunderstandings and alterations in correcting those mistakes.
  •    No helping hand from your attorney- It’s normal to feel sympathetic, when he or she seems defenseless but that doesn’t put any responsibility on you to make allowances based on sympathy. Keep in mind that one lawyer can’t represent both the spouses in a divorce even if you agree. You can pass on the information to your spouse if you want to but your lawyer cannot give any legal guidance to your spouse.
  •     Frustrating Court appearances- Self-representation will cause many problems for your spouse, for you and for the court as well. There will be a different scenario in the court appearances as your attorney will be representing you in the court and your spouse will speak for himself. You will be prepared enough to answer the questions whereas your spouse will lack it and this can really make the appearances annoying. Also hearing your spouse continuously on the court can make you frustrated. On the same hand, it may prove to be a significant advantage for you when sorting out matters of spousal support or division of assets. Your lawyer will tell you what to expect and how to handle issues that may arise if an inexperienced person represents himself on the court.

Even if the procedure of divorce is extended because of your spouse’s avoidable mistakes, you will still be responsible for the resulting attorney fees. Therefore, it is advisable to have an experienced divorce attorney to avoid such situations. Hiring an attorney will make your case strong by advocating on your behalf. If your spouse is not hiring one, he is at a disadvantage.

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