What Does a Notary Public Do

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A solicitor has many jobs that you are likely aware of. They’re the people who you call when you get into some kind of legal trouble or when you have some kind of legal question. For example, if you need to sign a contract or buy a new property, you likely need to see a solicitor. However, they often serve as notaries public as well. You might not be as clear on the job of a notary public and why you might need one. Here is what they do.

What They Do

A company that offers legal services in Sutton will often offer you notary public services as well.

  • Notaries public authorise official contracts and communications that are not signed in the presence of a judge; they serve as an official voucher for the authenticity of several kinds of agreements.
  • They oversee the administration of oaths or declarations to give them the weight of law.
  • They attest to the authenticity of signatures or notations on documents such as contracts.
  • They also secure and verify the translation of documents. For example, if you have to have a contract translated into a language that you do not speak, you need someone who speaks that language to verify that the contract remains the same.

Where to Find One

You can often find a notary public by calling a solicitor in your area. They often provide notary services or have notaries on their staff to do this important work for you. The job of a notary might not be the most exciting but it’s very important for maintaining a system of laws.