What Are the Fencing Laws and Responsibilities?


The fence in the yard, along with the gate, is what the visitor first sees when approaching one’s home. Therefore, the fence must first of all be in accordance with the architecture of the house, other buildings in the yard and the size and style of garden design. In addition to having a protective function (from the noise, views of the passers-by), it can beautify the exterior of the house.

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The yard fence should be unique, cheerful, charming, and at the same time functional and stable. A classic wooden fence, for example, is a charming addition to every yard and garden, especially when fitted with a gate.

Wooden gates and fences, although they are actually the first ones that man made, if we take into account those of the wicker, have never lost their popularity. Since today, in the arrangement of the home and the space around the house, people increasingly strive to return to nature – wood as a natural material itself is imposed as a primary choice in the selection of materials for gates and fences. In addition to creating a sense of warmth and benefits, wood is a completely healthy and non-toxic material. And that is the best choice you can make without having the neighbors complaining about it.

If the type of house is traditional, or informal, a wooden fence would be the best choice. If the purpose of setting a fence is to define space and to provide a smooth view, the wooden fence should be placed at a low height. A small, dark garden can be visually expanded with a wooden, white fence. If the white fence looks too simple, it can be refreshed with some of the many types of plants, all in accordance with the colors that are present in the house and in the yard.

As far as protection is concerned, choosing modern wood preservatives that are environmentally friendly can protect the wood in the long run. The advantage of wood as a material for building a courtyard fence and gate is its available price, so these fences are among the cheapest, and they are also relatively easy to install.

Although it is mainly classified as traditional or rustic, the wooden fence may look very modern. There are many options when deciding on a modern wooden fence design: the way the boards are set, the height of the fence, the density of the gap, the type of wood … By combining wood and some other materials (concrete, stone, metal), you can also get a simple and modern design and at the same time a strong and permanent fence.

Concrete or stone are a traditional material with which you can enclose the yard and create an attractive, durable and long – lasting wall. Concrete fences and stone walls can last for decades and require almost no maintenance, but this type of fences can make you problems with the neighbors. Choose wisely.