What Are The Different Branches Of Law?

There are many different branches of law which are highly specialised. You might be in a situation where you need a lawyer urgently, so it helps to have some understanding of the different types of law and how they affect you.


Criminal Law

This is one of the most commonly contested areas of law. Criminal law takes many different forms and is used to convict or acquit people based on evidence given in court. Common criminal trials are for offences such as theft, fraud and dangerous driving. It helps to have quality Sydney CBD lawyers on your side if you are faced with the prospect of going to court.

Corporate Law

Corporate law deals with how businesses can conduct themselves. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will need to have a firm knowledge of the corporate law in order to avoid any potential pitfalls. Many things are covered under the corporate law from rules about how mergers between companies can be conducted to what rights employees have when they are employed by a business.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property relates to things like songs and books. The authors of these songs or books have rights to their intellectual property and this is protected by many laws. Intellectual law property prevents other people from claiming ownership of the work or using it without permission. An example of this would be if someone posted quotes from an unpublished manuscript of the latest Harry Potter novel. The author of the book would then have the right to take action against that person under the intellectual property laws. Choose Sydney CBD lawyers that have lots of experience in this area.

Property Law

Property law governs how different buildings can be constructed and used. Each building that is constructed needs to comply with various property laws, otherwise, they risk being demolished. Some of the most common property laws relate to the height of buildings, how deep the foundations need to be and how boundaries can be clearly defined so that disputes will not occur.

Family Law

Family law is needed when people are in the process of getting divorced. The most common areas of family law are visitation rights for parents who have children, and how shared assets can be divided up amongst people who are divorcing.

Law Regarding Wills

As people start to reach the end of their lives, they often draw up a will so that their assets can be left behind for their family and friends. There are many laws surrounding a will, which are designed to protect the interests of the person who has drawn up the will as well as those who will be receiving funds.

Climate Change Law

Climate change is becoming increasingly prominent, so laws are being drafted at an increasingly fast rate in order to protect the planet. Climate change law covers areas like mining restrictions and emission quotas.

Try and study as much as possible about different areas of law, so that you will be able to understand legal proceedings when you need to hire a lawyer.