What are Human Rights and What Do They Serve For

The criminal justice system is frightening and tremendous, but criminal defendants also have their rights. Rights given from the government, rights that must be honored. Often, many criminals seem like they don’t have rights because of the enormity of the crime that they have done. If there is something you need make sure you contact Hershberg Law firm.

But it’s exactly the opposite actually. Every defendant has a right to defend himself, from any type of crime he did, even the most huge one. Every criminal has some specific rights. Rights to an attorney, right to stay in silence, Miranda rights and so many others. They also have a right to appeal if sentenced. It doesn’t matter if you are a criminal or not, if you changed some people lives or not, every individual has his specific rights and has to be treated with respect.Every costitution has certain amount of written amendments to protect some defendant from extreme charges.

Every criminal justice system beliefs that the defendant is innocent until there is a proof otherwise. Every person has a right to not be violeted while at home. So if there is no warrant to search,the police officer can’t enter and disturb the criminals home. The defendant has a right to not have a private trial but a public  or a jury one, and also a speedy trial to speed up the longer incarceration. Also defendants have right to come face to face with their accusers, the right to not accuse themselves, and the right to not be prosecuted for the same offence  twice.

Every criminal has the opportunity to file an appeal of the conviction and the given sentence. In order to confirm and prove that is conducted fairly every appeal has to be recorded. When a criminal is found “not guilty” by the jury of the crime, the victim has the right to file a civil suit against the criminal for the committed crime. The civil case can also be against a third party if it’s believed to have caused physical or emotional injuries.

If the criminal is found “not guilty” when the verdict has been delivered, the same criminal is protected from a second trial. Also the criminal has the right to not be proven guilty without some law process. The criminal also have a right to have fair bail which she or he demands for the committed crime.

To help criminals protect and preserve their rights there are the defence lawyers. These criminal defence attornies represent the criminals with the best defense against the given crime. They  guide the defendant during the process and build the defence part of the case. So, another right to all the criminals is the right to a good deffence lawyer that the defendant choses for themselves. Depends on where the criminals is arrested, the age, or the harshness of the crim, a good defence attornie first bails the criminal from jail and then builds the deffence process. Even appeals if the defendant is find guilty.

At the end it doesn’t matter the size of the crime, every individual has his/her rights.