Using technology to provide better representation to clients


The legal world today is full of innovators. Though lawyers are not usually looked upon as people who believe in the use of strong technology, there are some who are challenging the norms. Just as data and technology have taken over baseball, some of these same forces are providing lawyers with powerful tools in a host of different cases. A workers comp attorney trying to get the most for his client might be able to use tools that a general manager uses when he tries to put together the best and most effective baseball team.

Good lawyers are using data to figure out just how much a person’s claim might be worth. The goal of every case is to get the best outcome for the client. In order to do that, one must understand how much money a person stands to gain if they win in trial. While there is not a sure-fire way to know this every time, there are some good strategies for getting a feel for the expected value of a claim. Lawyers are using data to help fill the holes in their knowledge. This makes these lawyers much better prepared when they go up against insurance companies during negotiations for a potential settlement.

Other lawyers are using tools and data to help them understand juries and how they work. There is a lot of psychology involved in going to trial, but there is some data, too. Specifically, if one can analyze how juries have responded to various arguments in the past, they can be sure to use those arguments against if they were successful. This helps lawyers to not fly blind when they finally go to trial. While it cannot guarantee that they will win the trial, it can provide them with just enough ammunition to be very effective.

Today’s lawyers are a different breed than in the past. They are more concerned with winning, and they will use various tools to make sure this happens. Good lawyers are never afraid to admit when they have a weakness. For some, using data and analytics is a way of compensating for these weak points. Lawyers who might otherwise have difficulty in negotiations or in the trial process can make their claims much more powerful when they have used data and technology to better articulate a client’s case.