Use A Recruiter And Get the Best Lawyers for Your Firm


Both law firms and companies alike need to hire lawyers either to service their clients or as in-house counsel. Finding and retaining the proper attorneys can be challenging given the vast number of applicants and the specific nature of individual roles. One way that hiring a lawyer can be made easier is with a third party recruiting firm. This article will provide information regarding why it is beneficial to use a legal recruiter when hiring an attorney.

Attracting Top Talent

Even when an attorney is looking to switch jobs, they are commonly very busy and do not have a significant amount of time to devote to the process of finding a new job. Instead, top talent in the legal field increasingly use legal recruiterswith exceptional reputations, like the Heller Group in Toronto, to find positions that fit their skill level and experience. Many lawyers don’t plan on leaving their current firm until they have received a better offer from another, a practice which is common place in individuals who excel in their field, and therefore rely even more heavily on legal recruiting help in Toronto to find them the perfect position while they work tirelessly at their current job. Firms that want to hire these exceptional employees will need to use a headhunting agency to have access to them. While there is a cost to using a recruiter, the benefit of finding a highly qualified employee often outweighs the cost.

Avoiding Distractions

The hiring process is quite involved – many companies start with a job post and description, and then receive a significant amount of resumes that their human resources department filters through and selects the best for interviews. For companies with a limited number of employees, this process can serve as a big distraction from their primary work. Human resource departments often do not have the experience to understand the nuances of the legal profession and which skills are particularly valuable, leaving management to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the right employee.

A legal recruiter who specializes in placing lawyers and legal administrators; however, have the experience and know-how to help to whittle down the list of applicants to a manageable number, which will in turn make the process more digestible for management and less of a distraction. In addition, a legal recruiter will help to filter out bad applicants and improve the pool of applicants,with their industry knowledge of legal specialists including passive candidates, who are on the market for a new position.

Specialty Skills

Not all lawyers are generalists who handle a wide range of legal areas. Many lawyers have very distinct specialties, which can be challenging for companies to find and hire. Some positions need lawyers who are experienced in patent law, as an example, or employee law. Finding legal specialists can be made easier with a legal recruiter who typically has the ability to attract a wider range of applicants than a company can otherwise do on their own, including these distinct specialized skills.