Understanding California Auto Insurance & Liability in Car Accidents


In California it is important to stay up to date and look for a proper insurance company that meets all your needs and requirements. You can get protection and care for all matter through the All State Policy holders present in your state or city. The helpful information for different types of protections can be known from the agents in your area. These friendly agents can guide you about all the protections the insurance company provides so that people can feel safe and secure. When you know that you are safe and protected wherever you go you can drive with relaxed mind and enjoy your ride fully.

Why Auto Insurance is important
The auto insurance will insure your safety whenever possible and will provide you an inner satisfaction about your safety. They claim to pay for all your injuries if you encounter any road accident and they literally pay for that. That is what makes this auto insurance amazing! They work is the best manner and does not put the burden on the family and the person who has encountered the accident and do indeed share their burden and pay for the loss. They are indeed the best liability policies.

Different liabilities in car accidents in California

The different best known coverage types and their limits in California are listed below

1) Bodily injury liability
It covers for the injuries and the death of the other person if the accident was your fault. It may be the other driver or the pedestrian. Its limit in California is $15000 per person and $30000 per accident. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, of course it is.

2) Property damage liability
It covers for all the damage for the property of the other person if the accident was your fault. It pays for the vehicles, buildings, homes and the other structures that are damaged of the other person. Its total limit in California is $5000.

3) Uninsured motorist
It usually covers all your medical facilities and expenses if the other person is at fault and does not have any of the insurance for himself. For this no specific requirement in California is needed.

4) Underinsured motorist
If the accident is caused by the other person and does not have enough insurance for himself, this liability can cover all the medical expenses. It is grouped with the uninsured motorist coverage.

5) Medical expenses
This covers your funeral expenses if you get hurt in a car accident along with your family. There needs to be no specific requirement for this for this in California.

6) Collision
If in a car accident your vehicle gets damaged no need to worry about that. This liability can pay for the loss or repair of your vehicle. Seems quite amazing indeed!

7) Comprehensive
If your vehicle gets damaged in the conditions such as storms and thefts the comprehensive liability can manage and cover all the expenses for the repair or replacement of your vehicle.