Understand How Alimony is calculated in Georgia


Sharing custody of your children can be tough at times. This is especially evident in regards to alimony. A divorce is never an easy affair, between dividing up any property and assents, to figuring out custody of the children, etc the last thing you want to think about is paying alimony down the road. Lucky for you, alimony is rarely instituted after a divorce. Even when it does get instituted you can rest easy on this helpful site.

The price is right

TV and movies make alimony seem like salt in the wound of a divorce. This is far from the case. Alimony is specifically for the purpose of providing financial assistance for the children during and after a divorce. Alimony came about back when the majority of marriages had one primary sources of income. During and after a divorce that primary source would be responsible for continuing to support the children in a similar capacity until the primary parent can financially support them. However, in this day and age in most family’s both parents work. So how does alimony get figured out? One of the first key elements is which parent has the higher income.

Term payments

Most alimony when rewarded usually has a certain time limit or maximum amount attached to it. Very rarely will a permanent alimony be placed on a judgment, only in extreme situations where the other partner has a far greater chance of not being able to finically support themselves and/or the children. Such examples as if the other partner has a chronic illness or a debilitating injury preventing them from achieving meaningful employment. In either case, much like custody, the arrangements can be amended should the situation change.


One of the key factors in awarding alimony is the need for one partner to be financially supported and for the other to be able to provide the support. Other factors in determining eligibility are:

How long was the marriage
Both spouse’s physical condition such as age in addition to emotional condition
Each spouses attribution towards the home such as income, assets, child caring
The standard of living prior to the divorce
For further assistance in determining potential alimony eligibility as well as the possible finical requirements of the alimony consulting with a local attorney such as one of the great Alpharetta Alimony Attorney for clarification on any potential alimony issues.

Divide and conquer

As sad as getting a divorce can be, the positives often far outweigh the negatives of staying together. Between dividing up the property, sorting out custody, handling the various emotional stresses that come with splitting up, as well as figuring out if alimony is needed and how much is a lot to juggle at once. Thankfully you have the option of an Atlanta Alimony Attorney to assist you in sorting out at least one of these tasks so you can be better prepared once everything is said and done