Tulsa child custody attorneys: calming the tempestuous child custody storm during divorce


Couples enter into marriages with the best of intentions; sharing the dream of a blissful life together, but sadly, this is not always the case. The rate of divorce is on the increase; the pressures of today’s life have driven several couples to end their marriages, and the children always end up in the middle of the fight. Child custody is the most volatile issue in any divorce proceeding. This is where Tulsa child custody attorneys come in; we have the experience to calm down the divorcing parties and guide them to an agreement where the child’s welfare comes first.

The crux of child custody battles

Divorce is acrimonious, with each spouse trying to hurt the other as much as possible. From financial matters to child custody arrangements, the spouses try to get the best for themselves. A spouse may try to get sole custody of the child, and shut out the other completely, thereby causing the most pain to the partner. Tulsa family lawyers try to bring the couple to share custody of the children, one having primary custody and the other getting the best visitation arrangement possible. Children want to spend time with both parents, even though the inevitable divorce cannot allow this. The solution is to have one parent having the children over weekends or holidays, while the other keeps primary custody, and the children live with him or her.

Mediating child support issues

If the children are very young, the law favors the mother when it comes to child custody. She will have primary custody, and the father will have visitation rights. The father, however, has to provide child support; this is usually a bitter pill to swallow, and you find some fathers absconding and not paying the support as stipulated by the court. Tulsa divorce lawyers mediate with the parents and come up with a child support structure that will be fair to the father, being the secondary custodian of the children. The father has to believe that he is responsible for the children, even after the divorce, and that he is obligated to happily provide this support. The mother has to also bear some responsibility for the children and not lump everything on the father. The mediation process is one that bears a satisfactory solution for both parties.

Handling wishes of teenage children

If the children are in their teens, their input is sought out as to who they would like to live with. During the mediation process, teenagers will be asked to indicate which parent they would like to live with. They are recognized as almost being adults and their wishes have some weight on the final solution.

In conclusion

Divorce is a painful moment for all parties involved, the parents and the children. It is a time when all parties are highly emotional and rational thought is very far from their minds. Our child custody attorney Tulsa services provide the requisite guidance to bring about an amicable solution to any divorce proceeding.