Top 3 Family Mediation Services


In the state of Connecticut specifically, families in need of legal mediation may require additional assistance before meeting with attorneys. Since most of us do not expect legal issues to arise, especially with loved ones, negotiating such a situation constructively and without emotion can be particularly challenging. Family mediation services provided by trained legal mediators can help individuals and families avoid a trip to the courthouse. Mediation services often include elder mediation, divorce mediation, and child custody

Elder Mediation

Elder mediation is a crucial legal service as it helps maintain a positive balance with loved ones during what can be a tricky, exhausting, and complicated time of change. From retirement and care options, making the transition from simple home assistance for older family members to checking parents or loved ones into hospitals and care homes can be a very emotional process.

Saybrooke Mediation Services offers the support necessary to the children of elderly parents needing assistance so that challenging and important choices can be made. Whether the steps needing to be taken are small or large, financial or logistical, medical or regarding places of residence, advice, or counsel, mediation can offer assistance and ease this transition. Elder mediation can assist in helping families conceptualize and understand what is happening. Maintaining control in the face of decisions that elderly loved ones often resent is an essential step to healing and getting families the help they need.

Family disagreements can be particularly painful when it comes to the end of life wishes, considerations, and logistics. It is for this reason that the assistance provided in elder mediation is especially influential. Reaching non-confrontational and cooperative decisions is the goal of trained mediators.

Divorce Mediation

For couples seeking a divorce or considering filing for divorce, mediation services assist parties in pursuing a private, less stressful, efficient, and inexpensive consultation. Through careful counsel, the process of divorce and litigation can be made less cynical, bitter, and difficult for all parties involved. The approach to divorce mediation used is considered ‘twofold’ as it prepares couples for the choice of formal divorce proceedings and offers steady direction and instruction to help couples pursue divorce proceedings in more neutral manner. Mediators guide couples through each step of the process and what it entails in a way that translates the law into clear advice.

Child Custody Mediation

Custody disputes, in particular, can be the most heated and impassioned types of litigation following a divorce or other legal action. The determination of physical and legal custody of children during a divorce can be fiery, intense, and devastating. With such a potential for quick and violent escalation of disputes, professional mediators work to diffuse the high emotion of such scenarios in the pursuit of a resolution. The goal of the resolution is to make solutions fast and less expensive compared to legal litigation, as well as simpler and less stressful.

With the help of a professionally trained legal mediator, couples and families can reach amicable agreements without getting into tough legal battles.