The Legal Services Available to Those Separating or Divorcing


Separating or legally divorcing is one of the most difficult periods of time you’ll go through. It’s especially difficult if you have children or if your partner or spouse is making the split difficult for you. There are finances and possessions that must be divided, child support payments to work out, and a number of other issues to deal with. It could take months before it’s all said and done. Fortunately, there are legal experts out there who can provide you with the counselling and advice you need to not only get through these proceedings but also to get what you want. Here are some of the legal services your solicitors can provide.

Divorce Without Children

Divorcing is the legal end of your marriage and it’s often a time of very high emotions. This is one of the reasons why you should seek legal advice. Lawyers can be neutral parties who view the situation without the emotions that you do. This means they can give you advice that isn’t clouded by past events or your feelings. They also know all of the legal rules regarding the division of property, including land and other high-price items. Many legal experts will work with you and your partner’s legal counsel to use mediation instead of going to court, although that’s not always possible.

Divorce with Children

Divorcing when you have children, especially young children, can be much more difficult. You will certainly want to consult with experienced Yorkshire solicitors who understand how the law applies to children. You will have to deal with determining things such as where your child or children will reside, how custody will be split, if one parent should be restricted from any activity or if he or she is required to do something, and if the child’s family name should be changed.

Separation Without a Marriage

You don’t have to be married to go through a legal separation, although many couples divide their joint assets themselves without ever going to court. However, if you’ve built a life with someone for a period of years, going through mediation or the court system may be for the best. This is especially true if the breakup is not an easy one. You can go through a legal separation that is virtually identical to a divorce in how possessions and property that were jointly purchased are divided. Of course, if children are involved, the proceedings will be more difficult.

Mediation and Agreements

If at all possible, you want to solve any arguments over who gets what possessions or over child custody using the mediation process. This process does not make use of a judge, nor does the mediator produce a judgment or decree what each party will do. Instead, he or she helps guide the discussion so that the two sides can come to a compromise. Legal representatives are often on hand at these mediations to offer advice and to take notes in case no agreement can be reached and the case goes to trial.