The County Takes Responsibility Of Mentally Ill Inmates After A West Palm Beach Arrest

The Sheriff of West Palm Beach County works very hard to ensure that all inmates are treated with respect and fairly while they serve their sentences or they await trial. This is even more true for those who are in the jail after a West Palm Beach arrest.   To get out of jail fast you want to bookmark this bail bonds west palm beach company.

At any given time, there are up to 600 inmates in the jail who have psychological disorders. This results in at least 20% of the maximum 2800 population that is suffering with a mental issue. The jail has a full-time staff of health professionals that includes psychiatrists, social workers and nurses. These professionals offer medication and counseling for illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, the jails that are in the county have also become institutions for those who are mentally ill. The staff at the jail care for more inmates with mental illnesses than any of the clinics, hospitals and halfway houses combined. Most these inmates are repeat offenders, and they are arrested at least once a year. The crimes they generally commit are minor in nature and include disorderly conduct and shoplifting.

It costs the county two to three times as much to treat an inmate with a psychological disorder as it would cost it if the person was treated outside of the penal system. At around $120 a day, the taxpayers in the county are paying to feed, house and medicate the inmates who are in the jail.

What The Sheriff Is Doing To Reform The System

The Sheriff is working to change this seemingly unending cycle in West Palm Beach. It is not only expensive, but is also time consuming. However, these people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

He is working closely with partners in the community to divert and treat those with mental illness. They should be treated before they enter the system. Non-violent inmates with mental illnesses can get intervention through the courts to be transferred to a long-term care facility. This way, they can overcome barriers before reentering society.

This Is Not An Issue Isolated To West Palm Beach

Jails and correctional facilities from Florida to Maine to California are dealing with similar issues. They are housing mentally ill inmates because there is no other place for them to stay. Ever since the 1960s, the number of mentally ill individuals that are being treated by mental health professionals have declined. The majority are left to their own to self-medicate their regimens.

The system as a whole must be at its best when caring for mentally ill inmates after a West Palm Beach arrest. Collaborating with counselors and other outside partners will help to ensure everything possible is done for these individuals.  You may need the services of Bail Bonds West Palm Beach company to help you bail your loved one out of jail.