The Costs Involved In Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Apex

workers compensation attorney

If you have suffered an injury while working or have contracted a disease related to the occupation you are in, it is advisable to notify the concerned authority at your place of employment. This can help you receive compensation for the injury or disease. In such circumstances, it is advisable to seek proper medical treatment.

workers compensation attorney

Types of compensation and how to file for it

After ensuring proper medical treatment for the injury or disease, it is recommended to consult an expert worker’s compensation lawyer, who can help in filing the compensation claim.

A lawyer can help in getting the appropriate amount of compensation for the disease or injury on your behalf. Getting compensation from employers and insurance companies is a complex task and may involve a lot of legal aspects. In such situations, an attorney can increase your chances of receiving compensation. Most workers compensation lawyers may offer free initial consultation and can help in filing a claim or appealing for denied claims.

Various laws grant the flowing types of benefits to workers who have been injured or contracted a job related disease:

  • Compensation for medical expenses incurred in treating the injury or disease.
  • Compensation granted for the lost wages at work.
  • Benefits granted for vocational rehabilitation of a worker.
  • Benefits for partial or total disability.
  • Compensation for injuries including occupational diseases, mental and trauma injuries and severe physical injuries.

Cost of hiring an expert worker’s compensation lawyer

Worker’s compensation lawyers charge on the basis of contingency fee basis. This implies that lawyers may charge a percentage of the compensation received as fees. In case no compensation is received, no fee is payable. This enables the workers with little financial resources to file for compensation and acts as an incentive for lawyers, who may push for maximum benefits for the worker.

Various state laws limit the amount of fees that can be charged by lawyers. Usually, lawyers are allowed to charge as fee 15% to 20% of the compensation amount received by the worker after obtaining the consent of the appeals board or worker’s compensation judge.

In cases of delays caused by the insurer or employer, the lawyers may demand additional penalty on the behalf of the worker. These penalty amounts if received are generally free from fee restrictions.

Although most lawyers offer free initial consultations and the fee is dependent upon the compensation received, workers may require to pay for the various types of expenses incurred in filing the compensation. These expenses may include the filing fees, postage charge, copying cost, travel expenses of the attorney, cost of depositions, expenses incurred in getting examinations done by physicians and obtaining medical records.

It is hence essential to get a clear idea about the total amount payable to the attorney. Apex has a number of legal firms specializing in handling workers compensation cases. You may consult a workers compensation attorney in Apex to ascertain the expenses involved in filing a claim.

Hiring an attorney can significantly better your prospects of receiving compensation. The biggest advantage is that workers can get legal representation without paying any fee until they receive compensation.