The Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawyer for Workplace Issues

Personal Injury Lawyer

Mid-afternoon and late-night commercials that feature personal injury lawyers or firms do not do them justice. When on the screen, some of their claims may feel false. Or, the list of ways they can help a client seems too much for one person to handle. However, when you dig deeper into these firms, you see someone who truly wants to help injured individuals or their families get the settlement they deserve.

Injury Facts

The National Safety Council (NSC) revealed that a worker gets injured on the job every seven seconds. Slips, trips, and falls represent a third of these accidents. Other hazards include injury by vehicle, fire or explosion, overexertion, and repetitive stress.

Many of these issues are preventable by the workplace. Sadly, when they’re not addressed, they can lead to injuries that are debilitating or even fatal. For individuals or their families, this means additional costs and potential loss of income. And, if the workplace can’t pay for those items, there are serious consequences for the worker.

Where personal injury lawyers come in

Here’s where companies like the Harlan Law Firm come in. They talk to the plaintiff in the matter to determine the state of their injuries, any debt due to medical bills and loss of income, and how much the business was willing to provide to them in the form of compensation.

The attorney then works with the business to come up with some type of payment. This is either in the form of installments or one lump sum. If no agreement is made, then the attorney can take the matter to arbitration or even a trial to obtain the right decision for their client.

How to find the right attorney

Besides watching television, the internet is a fantastic place to start your search for a personal injury lawyer. Not only will you find detailed information on their websites but also comprehensive reviews from others who utilized their services. You may want to speak to one of these people to get more details. Once the choice is made, ask as many questions as you can.