Texas Murder-Suicide Shows That the Wife Attempted to File for Divorce Twice


Back in April a Southlake couple was found dead in their home.  The police declared it a “murder-suicide” and it went all over the Texas news and even onto global news networks.  Recently, it came to light that the wife had previously attempted to file for divorce twice.Neeta Kharabandahad twice in one year filed for divorce from husband, Anil Kharabanda.  Both times, she withdrew the petition.  Obviously, we can speculate about the circumstances, but no one will ever know what really happened between the two now.  What we do know, however, is that someone was unhappy enough to file for divorce, and willing enough to withdraw.

What lessons, if any, can be learned from cases like this is that if you are unhappy enough to file for divorce or if you feel unsafe in your home—chances are that there is a good reason, and that reason ought to be examined more closely with an attorney in order to either create the safety for reconciliation or just create a safe space where you can life and be.  These types of cases are rare, but they do exist.  Google “murder suicide” and it’s almost always a domestic case and not some random shooter.

If you are in a position where you want to leave a relationship or marriage (doesn’t have to be marriage) but feel unsafe, attorneys will help you coordinate a scenario where you can safely leave.  Most attorneys go beyond filing emergency motions and already know locksmith companies and will help you to plan a comprehensive event that will enable you to get through a very frightening, difficult time safely.

We are here to listen and help. Don’t ever live in fear or think you have no options.