Texas Gun Law Overview


When it comes to the gun laws in Texas, there are a number of statutes that may surprise you, but most will not. Indeed, the Lone Star State has some of the loosest gun laws in the country. Over the years, pro-gun lobbyists have fought hard for gun owners and the right to bear arms without restrictions. On the other side of the coin, anti-gun lobbyists stress that times have changed and guns are more deadly than ever – mostly because of the people using them. As a result, you have a unique mix of compromises when it comes to the regulation of gun ownership and use in the state of Texas. Here are some Texas gun laws you should know.

You do not need a license or permit to own a gun in the state of Texas. The Lone Star State is one of the only states where you don’t need a license or permit to own a weapon. You can walk into a store that sells guns and purchase a weapon with almost no questions asked.

In accordance with the castle doctrine laws, you can use deadly force if necessary in your home or other property. In Texas, you can use deadly force against an intruder, but only if you feel like your life is in absolute danger. There is also a stand your ground law, which means that if you feel threatened in anyway and if you feel like your life is in danger, you can use deadly force.

There is no restriction to the size, type or kind of magazine you use. Many states have restrictions against the type of gun magazine you can use. However, there are no such laws in Texas. You can visit Diamond K Brass and purchase any type of bullet you need. Because there are no rules against the use of long range and high-powered rifles, you can own and shoot guns with rounds that are over 50 millimeters if you want to.

You can carry a weapon in the open, publicly – as long as it is in a holster and you are not doing so to cause alarm. Another law that sets Texas apart from other states is that you can openly carry a weapon in public. Indeed, you can walk into a coffee shop or any other public space with a rifle or handgun openly visible. Of course, you must do so in a manner that doesn’t threaten or alarm. Also, you must keep your weapon in some kind of safe holster.

You must have a concealed carry permit to bring a gun on to a college campus. On top of everything, Texas also allows you to conceal carry a weapon if you are on a college campus. You can usually get a conceal carry license in Texas quite easily and there is basically no red tape. Again, though, you must keep the gun in a holster and out of plain view. In the end, there may not be a lot of reasons to keep a gun on your person at a school, but you have the legal right to do so in the state of Texas.