Survival Guide: DWI Arrest in Texas


Getting arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is never a pleasant experience especially in states where laws are stringent. It could be an excruciating and stressful experience. Whether you or your family member gets arrested, do not panic. Yes, there are many things which could go wrong from the moment you were flagged down until your court appearances but hiring the best DWI lawyer Houston will ensure that you don’t have to go through too many troubles. If your attorney is an experienced DWI lawyer in the state, then you are in good hands. The impending consequences though will still vary depending on the gravity of your offense. There is necessary information that you need to know and understand so you can survive DWI arrest with more peace of mind.

Facts to Be Proven Before Being Sentenced for DWI

There are six basic facts that the court need to prove before you may be convicted guilty for DWI. The first thing is, of course, your identity. Secondly, they need to verify that you are indeed operating a motor vehicle and not just in it. Thirdly, they need to show it is in a public place and fourth, that you are within the state of Texas. The fifth fact they need to determine is whether your breath or blood alcohol level is over the legal limit which is 0.08. Lastly, they have to prove that you were physically or mentally not usual at the time of arrest. If unproven, then there cannot be any conviction.

Preserving Your Driver’s License

It is one of the pressing concerns when arrested for DWI because of the tendency of suspension of your Driver’s License. When getting arrested, they usually require your license. It is standard procedure but do not just let the officer take it without providing you with paper works on the suspension of your license. You may request to contest the suspension of your license by asking for an ALR hearing. You are given fifteen days from your arrest date to make the request. If you do not follow, then your Driver’s License will be automatically suspended. You also need to remember that refusal to breathe test may result in the suspension of your license for six months. If they proved that you are above the 0.08 alcohol limit, your license would be for suspension for three months.

Choosing Defense

There are many good attorneys in Houston, all you need is to find the best DWI lawyer Houston. But the question is, how would you know whether he is right or not? The best way to obtain this information is to talk to him directly. That is the best time to make your assessments. The best DWI attorney should be knowledgeable about the laws of the land by heart. Good reputation should also precede him. Having lots of trial experiences should be a necessity, but someone who can communicate well is also a must.

There are many other things you should know, but those were the basic ones. The bottom line here is to be more careful and when in trouble for DWI, it is best to seek legal assistance immediately before doing anything else.