South Florida Attorney Provides Business, Family Law and Estate Planning


The law offices of Ronald A. Luzim, P.A. provide a wide range of services for residents in South Florida. Experienced in business, family and divorce law, as well as estate planning, Mr. Luzim has been serving the community for over 35 years.  If you are looking for a law firm in Coral Springs, Ron Luzim is a top candidate in any of the following categories.

Family & Divorce Law

A divorce is a difficult and emotional time for any family.  Mr. Luzim will protect your financial and legal rights as you navigate through this difficult time.  Your best interests will always be a priority.  This firm provides several services including alimony, child support and custody, and visitation plans.  The team at law offices of Ronald A. Luzim, P.A.  have the experience to negotiate the terms that work best for you.

Asset Protection

Businesses and individuals alike can sometimes find themselves in a position where they need legal protection from creditors for a period.  Mr. Luzim, an asset protection attorney, can employ a variety of lawful techniques designed to deter and frustrate creditors, making it extremely difficult for them to collect or obtain possession of your hard-earned assets.  They also assist businesses, partnerships, and individuals with Chapter 7 bankruptcies and will work with you to determine the most effective path toward debt relief.

Estate Planning Services

The best way to protect your estate and spare your loved ones from undue hassle at the time of your passing is to properly prepare your last will and testament.  If a valid will is not prepared, state law will prevail in questions of inheritance.  Ron Luzim provides estate planning services such as last will and testaments, living trusts, and probate and estate administration and guardianship.  Don’t let the state government decide how your assets are disbursed.

Civil & Corporate Litigation

Business and corporation litigation matters can arise at any moment. Thankfully, Ron Luzim and his highly-qualified team are prepared to represent your firm and interests in these cases.  Whether it is commercial property transactions, trust and estate litigation, insurance disputes, contract disputes or other corporate issues, Ron Luzim has the experience necessary to ensure the best outcome for his clients.

Business Law & Transactions

Running a business requires knowledge of a myriad of federal, state, and local laws.  Few individuals possess the knowledge to correctly apply all these laws to their companies.  Ron Luzim specializes in the legalities relating to business formation, contracts, and buying and selling businesses.  A knowledgeable business law attorney can be the difference between success and failure.  Each business is different and requires the personalized approach that Mr. Luzim offers to ensure daily operations are both legal and profitable.

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions can be confusing and overwhelming for the average person.  A good Real estate attorney can take care of all the work associated with these including negotiating, drafting purchase agreements, and ensuring satisfactory title and closings.  Mr. Luzim has the experience to make sure your expectations are met, and you close without controversy or incident.

Mediation Services

As a member of Mediation Firm Inc., Ron Luzim has reached closure in over 800 mediations.  He is experienced in various types of mediations including civil, business, family, and insurance.

Attorney Ron Luzim is an esteemed member of the Florida Bar, New York Bar, Federal District Court-Southern District of Florida, Broward County Bar Association, North Broward Board of Realtors, and Association of South Florida Mediators. If you require the services of a law firm in Coral Springs, the law offices of Ronald A. Luzim, P.A. will be happy to assist you through the legal services you require, professionally and efficiently. For more information, please visit