Sourcing A Family Lawyer


Marriage: Beginning & End

When two people meet and settle down into a life together, it is often a wonderful thing. Before meeting, two people have separate lives and interests; although when a relationship develops into marriage with a family following, separate interests soon become entwined, in a similar vein, assets such as property and savings do.

Almost 22.7 million people are married in the UK, with 107,071 divorces occurring in 2016. As a marriage or couple splits it is inevitable that the division of assets will occur, which is difficult, prolonged, stressful and often an expensive process. So, during these difficult, emotional and confusing times it is vital that someone is there to guide everyone through the complications and jargon of family law.

Legal Proceedings

Unpicking the dual life of a couple begins when a marriage suffers “irretrievable breakdown.” Separation means mediation to discuss and settle distribution of assets and the custody, visitation rights of all/any children involved. Sometimes irreparable relationships can result in Freezing Orders that prevents one spouse disposing of assets. In the case of children there is the issue of lump sums, continuous financial support for child maintenance in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989. If you are in need of family law in Nottingham, for example, an online search would point you in the right direction.

Children Matters

Chief among the victims of family breakdown is children and such a fact is universal, so like anyone seeking divorce advice or custody advice for moving on with everyone’s future, kids remain at the forefront of any negotiation moving forward. Both parents most likely wish to have the least impact on their children on separation and in many cases, custody issues can get settled before there is any need for court proceedings. Solicitors are more eager to arrange mediation to ease the strain and disagreement around the issue of sharing time with children, without any need for prolonged visits to court and dredging up any pain of marital collapse.


Furthermore, a more varied approach has been adopted towards child custody. Time was courts favoured the mother unless demonstrable reasons found her unfit. Although a more nuanced view now leans towards a balanced, co-parenting ethos, revolving on a shared basis, with the onus on the child. With the parents wanting nothing more but the best for their children, it is important to treat your most important asset not as an asset.

Collaborative Law

Often it can be too difficult for the separated parties to allow their break up to disintegrate to enmity and court, wishing for the process to be less complicated that it is better for everyone involved to let the lawyers settle matters. A greater number of people needing advice and want to remain away from court, may wish to seek out what is known as “Collaborative Law;” this sees solicitors of both parties encourage a couple to reach agreements out of court.