Some Common Myths about Divorce


There are several misconceptions about divorce which keeps on bolstering. No doubt that divorce is a very tough time for the couple and can have a long lasting effect on their lives and other family members. Divorce is something that may give a financial and emotional loss to the couple. But sometimes a divorce becomes the most fruitful decision of your life. Divorce helps you to get away from that unbearable stress of your married life. Here are some myths about divorce that floats among people:

  • People think that the couple should stay together even after a very sour relationship between them for the sake of their kids. This is completely a myth. The tension between the couple can give an adverse affect on the kids. So it is not important to stay together when you are not in a good term.
  • When couple gets divorced the inherited property also gets splits. No, this is not the case and such kind of inherited property remains solely with the person and will not get divided among the couple.
  • If couple would have lived together before their marriage, then this divorce circumstance would not be generated. This is also a complete myth. In fact, it is found that people who lived together before their marriage are more prone to get divorced.
  • Having child can prevent the divorce case. Absolutely not. If you feel you are not compatible with each other and can’t bear each other, a child cannot bring you together. If you want to stay together it is always your own decision and understanding.
  • After getting divorced I will never get a perfect partner. This is another big myth of people. A divorce cannot keep you away from falling in love again and getting a perfect life partner. There are several examples that show second marriages lasts forever.
  • It is the men who try to kill the relationship and get divorced. No! Majority of the divorce cases are initiated by the women.

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