Solicitors Help Clients with the Complexities of Immigration

If you need help immigrating to the UK, you need to confer with a solicitor immediately. A solicitor that handles immigration law can support and lead you through the steps of the immigration process. Therefore, a knowledgeable solicitor can assist you and support you whilst providing a cost-efficient service.

If you are migrating to the UK then, you not only need to find a solicitor, you also need to become acquainted with the various opportunities for migration. For example, it does not hurt to introduce yourself to various visa options, enrol in an educational institution, or apply for a work visa if you intend to live and work in the country.

Speak to a Lawyer First

Naturally, the best way to explore your options and follow the steps for migration is to speak with Surrey solicitors who are well-versed in immigration law. In fact, before you do anything, you should speak to a lawyer about your desire to immigrate.

Increased Fees

Indeed, it helps to speak to a lawyer as new laws have recently gone into effect in the UK that affect nationality and immigration applications. The current changes include an increase in fees in settlement or ILR applications and dependant relative applications. Naturalisation fees have only slightly increased. All these fees must be applied before a surcharge is included to the application costs.

Seek Legal Help

You also need to know which forms need to be completed, as well as the information that is required in order to proceed. Without the help of a solicitor, you may as well as hold up your hands in frustration and spend your time instead in gaining legal help and advice.

Many immigrants are involved in the Tier 1 immigration process. This general category authorises applicants who are highly skilled workers to remain in the country to seek employment. Anyone who goes through this application process does not have to have a job offer in order to apply. Needless to say, to sort out any confusion, it is good to have a lawyer by your side.