Services Offered by Construction Accident Lawyers


Construction work is dangerous work. Workers often do their jobs at tremendous heights. They operate heavy equipment. They walk among piles of debris. And their job sites are often crowded and chaotic. It’s no wonder accidents happen. And when an injury takes place, workers should consider hiring a construction accident attorney.

Although most construction workers rely on safety equipment and training to stay safe on job sites, accidents do happen. Injuries come from such varied sources as equipment failure, leaking or exploding chemicals, falls from scaffolding or falling debris. Electrocution is also a major danger at construction sites.

When injury or wrongful deaths occur from construction site accidents, injured parties or their families often hire a construction accident attorney. Will these attorneys file a claim on the injured party? On their behalf to obtain compensation for the injuries they suffered while working on a construction site.

The construction accident attorney’s job is to hold all negligent parties responsible while obtaining fair financial compensation for their injured client. With multiple contractors working on one job site, it is imperative to determine who is at fault thoroughly.

Many workers injured in construction accidents in Indianapolis are unable to return to work following their accidents. It is, therefore, imperative that they receive the maximum compensation allowed. The settlement money will help them support themselves and their families.

Attorneys at Klezmer Maudlin, PC can help injured workers fill out the confusing paperwork that must be filed for clients who qualify for workers? Compensation benefits. And, a bit surprisingly, people who live or work next to construction sites are also frequent clients of construction accident attorneys.

These people are often injured at or near construction sites, even though they’re not working at them. Passersby or drivers might be injured by trucks entering and leaving the roadway. Others may trip over uneven pavement, breaking bones. Falling debris may even strike walkers passing by the construction site. As with anyone injured because of construction work, these parties should seek legal advice and representation from construction accident attorneys.

Not all attorneys deal with construction site injuries. If you are injured either while working in or passing through a construction zone, make sure you only work with an attorney who is a construction accident attorney. These are the attorneys who are most likely to get you fair compensation for your injuries.

Luckily for any construction worker in Indianapolis, the law is very definitely behind them; they have made it clear that the site owner and contractors must ensure the site is a safe working environment. Subcontractors will also be held responsible particularly when they have supplied building materials to their workers with dangerous or faulty equipment that caused the accident. Manufacturers that supply faulty equipment are especially at risk from a successful claim; this is where your accident lawyer will be of great benefit. This area of law requires the services of a specialist, preferably not just an accident attorney but one with construction site injury experience; they will have knowledge of local laws and are more likely to pursue a successful claim

Also, most construction sites are perfectly safe. But even those sites that do follow proper safety rules can see serious accidents and injuries. That’s why construction accident attorneys are so important: They can help injured parties obtain justice when they are hurt experienced no fault of their own.