Sensible Regulations for E-cigarettes


With the gaining popularity of e-cigarettes, there has been an equal increase in the debate regarding the regulation of the e-cigarette.  Some are calling for the exact same stringent regulations that control tobacco smoking; others are saying that a more sensible approach is necessary.  No matter the argument, all are in agreement that e-cigarettes need to be regulated.

The general consensus among experts is that regulations about safety are paramount.  Safety regulations governing the devices and the liquids need to be addressed comprehensively.  These safety regulations must cover the safety of devices to operate, it should address issues about the liquid being free from toxic materials, and the device and liquid container should be childproof.

Here are a few other issues that experts believe should be addressed.


Some experts believe that as electronic cigarettes are being sold as tobacco products, the e-cigarette should fall under the same regulations governing tobacco products.  The bases for these stringent regulations are to keep tobacco products from being sold to children.  With the ever-increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, experts believe it should fall under the same regulations as little to nothing is known of its long-lasting effects of usage.  With this in mind, experts argue that e-cigarettes should not be sold to children and want a ban on advertising that portrays the use of e-cigarettes as glamorous.

Smoking bans

People are allowed to use e-cigarettes in places that do not allow tobacco smoking.  This allows nonsmokers to be exposed to possible harmful toxins released by the vapor from e-cigarettes.  Also, some people open to the vapor with an underlying chest or lung health problem could experience difficulty breathing due to exposure from the moisture-laden vapor.  Experts agree that the places where an individual can use an e-cigarette should be regulated in the same way as a tobacco filled cigarette.

Regulate heating temperature of devices

There have recently been some incidences of e-cigarette devices exploding in the user’s pockets or faces.  For this reason, some experts have called for a regulation control the heat settings in the devices.  Also, the liquid generates chemicals linked to cardiovascular disease and cancer when heated to very high temperatures.  Currently, the temperature is decided by the strength of the device’s battery and the make of the heating coils.  Regulations should control the temperature limits for the heating coils and device to stop the production of harmful chemicals during the liquid heating process.

A further point that all experts agree on is that e-cigarettes still contain nicotine.  A chemical that has been linked to lung cancer, leukemia, heart disease, stroke, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.  All authorities are calling for regulations governing the labeling of the product so that the exact amount of nicotine contained is known.

Most agree that sensible regulations are needed to control the use, sale, and manufacture of e-cigarettes.  True, it is not the same as tobacco cigarettes, but the devices do contain harmful chemicals.  And in the same way that other harmful chemicals are regulated, e-cigarettes should be as well.


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