Qualities That Will Make You An Excellent Lawyer


Regardless of which career option you choose to pursue, you will have always have to focus on and develop certain core skills over time to flourish. But as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”- here we’ve mentioned a few qualities that will make you the excellent lawyer that you aspire to be.

  •      Better communication skills

The importance of possessing good communication skills as part of your core skill set cannot be overstated. Also, if as a lawyer you are very well versed in your region’s language of communication and be able to orally articulate your thoughts fluently while at the same time be a good listener…then you are halfway there!

Better communication skills are essential to argue convincingly in court before the juries. You can improve this skill during your studies by communicating with your friends and taking part in competitions which will help you to improve as you put yourself through difficult situations. You should also be able to analyse better, as it will help you understand your clients better. You will also have to be able to explain complex laws to your clients for which you again need to have a good command over your language.

  •      Good judgement

An important skill you will need is good judgement to draw out logical conclusions and make better assumptions based on your work experience. You should be good at making judgements in difficult situations, which will in turn help you anticipate areas hindering the argument you are going to present in front of the judges and audience. While you are at it, you should also be able to spot weak points in your opponents’ arguments and see the points which they fail to represent better in front of everyone.

  •      Fine analytics

When you are studying law and practicing it under a lawyer you will be exposed to a large amount of information that you will have to simplify by breaking it down into smaller components for your better understanding. It is very likely that you might face scenarios wherein you will be dealing with multiple reasonable conclusions. Therefore, a lawyer must have fine analysing skills as well, to choose the best out of them so that they can serve their clients better.

  •      Good research skills

If you are able to conduct your research quickly, it will help you understand your client and their needs better, which will in turn help you prepare the right legal strategy for their case. The preparation of any legal strategy will involve detailed research, an absorption of mountains of information and being able to filter all those facts down into a tangible and effective defence. You will have to study a lot of cases to give better advices on problems to clients.

  •      People skills

Law is not an intangible practice. From advising someone on making a Will, to helping your country build a new law, you will end up working with a lot of people while performing different duties. So, it goes without saying that it is a must for you to be good at reading people, being persuasive and personable when you are working with clients. Having such skills will help you better assess the reactions of jurors and judge how honest a witness is. You will be able to get the outcome you desired by deciding the best approach to case.

  •      Perseverance

Walter Elliot once said that “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”. That being said, it takes huge amounts of perseverance and dedication to study law. You will have to put in a great amount of effort even before you start working. Generally, a lawyer will have to get his law degree, a legal practice course and an internship under a reputable lawyer. You might also end up working in your vacations to get some work experience. Having ‘perseverance’ as part of your core skills will also help you finish the work successfully when you work on difficult cases in the future.

  •      Creativity

It takes not only good analytical and logical skills to solve a difficult problem, but also a touch of creativity to get the right answers. Being creative is a practice followed by top lawyers all around the world. To find the best solution for your cases, you will have to outwit your counterpart by thinking beyond your horizons. Being creative will help you find better solutions which you would have never thought of otherwise by using common practices.

So, there we have it – these are the set of qualities, which you’ve got to develop in order to become the best lawyer!