Protecting Our Storyteller’s


Our parents and grandparents represent a part of history that we didn’t have access to. They tell the stories of long ago in vivid detail, expertly bridging the gap between the past and the present with wonderful words that vividly resurrect the past. Without them, there would be holes in the fabric of our history, missing links we couldn’t explain. This is why we must protect them as time passes and they aren’t able to care for themselves as well as they used to. We must take care of our storytellers, they bridge yesterday with today.

When Living Alone Becomes Difficult

It can be hard to look at the parent we once saw as so invincible and strong, almost super-hero like, grow older and become so seemingly fragile. They helped us with our first heartbreak, and preparing for our first real job. We remember how quickly they picked us up when we fell down and how safe we felt in their arms. It’s hard to observe that our knight’s in shining armor may now be unable to care for themselves in the way they used to. Even living alone may be somewhat dangerous for them. When mobility becomes a challenge, and hearing and eyesight aren’t as keen as they used to be, these are often signs that it’s time for mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma to live in an environment more suited to their needs.

A Safe New Home

With today’s new and innovative senior communities, it’s not difficult to find whatever arrangement you may need for your loved one. Everything is available, from mobility specific living quarters to those that cater to medicine dependent elders. It’s possible to find housing that allows your parents or grand’s to still experience some semblance of independence, yet have the help they need to fit their unique circumstances.

When Senior Care Becomes Neglectful or Abusive

When we entrust the care of our loved ones to a nursing home or senior community, we want to know that they are treated with respect and care and that their needs are being met. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes the establishments that we entrust with the care of our elders are abusive or neglectful, erasing all peace of mind that they are in a safe and helpful place. It is in these situations that we may be forced to seek a Nursing Home Defense Attorney St. Louis MO. Nursing home abuse and neglect are serious offenses, and having a lawyer that specializes in this area is often the tool needed to create change.

Our elders represent a precious piece of history we could never be connected to, except through them. As our loved one’s age and need more of our care, they are no less important to us. In fact, their value becomes more coveted, as they are the storytellers that help marry the past to the present. Without their amazing stories, our lives would be less rich. This si why ensuring that their living arrangements keep them healthy happy and safe is of the utmost importance.