Protect Yourself from Rejection at the WSIB

workplace injury

Employees who have been injured on the job must make a claim with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board to receive compensation for lost income or extra medical expenses. Unfortunately, the proceedings can be slow to follow up. The Board is also responsible for hearing cases that involve ongoing occupational diseases as a result of exposure to chemicals or repetitive motions. Despite many employees facing these serious issues,the WSIB has been rejecting more and more claims, often against physicians’ advice. An accident can destroy your life, especially if you don’t get the compensation you’re entitled to in Ontario. Hire workplace injury lawyer to protect yourself from rejection.

workplace injury

Injured employees need the benefits to recover, but may not necessarily win them. In the case of an accident, the Board pays compensation from the fees charged to employers. All employers must be insured this way. When an accident occurs primarily at the workplace, an employee has a claim for compensation. Employers may offer the worker another position that does not require them to be in full-health, but this is often a way to avoid paying higher insurance rates. The WSIB has been criticized lately for showing more interest in helping companies improve back-to-work rates than the workers it was created to serve.

Slips, falls, and car crashes do not fall under the WSIB’s jurisdiction, but a personal injury lawyer can still help you win compensation. A slip and fall lawyer can help you collect the property and maintenance records, as well as photographic evidence, you need to prove negligence under Ontario’s Occupier’s Liability Act. In the case of a collision, all parties are entitled to Accident Benefits from their insurer, regardless of who was at fault. Drivers may also want to consider filing a suit against a negligent driver to recover further damages.

Workers have rights to benefits when they’ve been hurt, regardless of the circumstances. Agreeing to do dangerous work does not mean you are disqualified from receiving compensation. Legal representation that keeps close contacts with medical professionals can help defend your case when the WSIB uses its own doctors to counter your claims. If you need to face the WSIB to claim money you deserve, go to to learn what you can do to win your case. All cases require the help of legal experts who can protect workers against rejection.

Workplace injury lawyers are not just assets when you need to initiate a claim; they can also help you fight the Board’s decision to end benefits. The advocates at Goodman Law Group, for example, are experts at resolving back-to-work disputes. Too often, medical evidence simply gets ignored; strong legal representation can help make sure you’re heard. Labour advocates have also been crying foul that the Board routinely ignores the advice of psychologists. The Board prides itself on having the highest rate of returning people to work of any North American jurisdiction. The team at Goodman Law Group fights for your full recovery, so you can return to your job healthy and happy. Team up with advocates who care more about your rights than statistics.