Professional Services Of Brisbane Private Investigator OJT Group


When you need to obtain information about an individual or a company, you will require the services of a professional private investigation agency. There are certain details about someone that are not obvious and, often, purposely hidden. The role of the investigator is to flesh out all the relevant information to help clients make important decisions or to be used as evidence in court proceedings.

In Brisbane, there are plenty of companies offering such services. However, only a few have stood out and proven themselves as accredited and certified professionals. OJT Investigations Brisbane uses the most advanced technology to obtain comprehensive results fast and to keep costs low. Investigations can be time- and energy-consuming to the untrained. The company’s systematic approach to every unique customer request ensures that the outcome is delivered in a timely manner, as well.

OJT Investigations Group offers a wide range of services for its individual and corporate clientele. Here’s a breakdown of what they offer.


This covers cases of infidelity, missing persons, and background checks. It also includes statement taking.

In Australia, some 38,000 people reportedly go missing each year, with disappearance rates ranging from days to years. OJT Investigations’ team of expert intelligence analysts work 24/7 to chase every possible lead, sometimes even going overseas to obtain valuable information. Infidelity verification services are important to divorce proceedings, while background checks are crucial to the hiring process. The agency also takes witness statements in relation to a wide range of issues including family court, criminal defence, and workplace matters.


This department covers aerial operations and infidelity.

Cheating spouse cases are handled with sensitivity and the company understands the extreme levels of emotion that these involve. OJT Investigations Group has teams located all over the country and maintains a solid network of operatives in key cities worldwide. It also offers sophisticated drone-led investigations for real estate agents, agricultural operators, surveyors, emergency services, golf courses and resort owners, roofing inspectors, and many more. The firm employs licensed operators qualified with CASA.

Process Serving

This service offers a cost-effective way for companies and agencies to serve legal documents. These include divorce papers, demand letters, financial documents, criminal court documents, subpoenas, and family court matter documents. The company also produces affidavits of service. Affidavits are returned immediately, as OJT Investigations Group has a Justice of the Peace and a Commissioner for Declarations on its staff.

Information Security

The agency helps companies and organizations in the fight against threats to information security. These include vulnerability scanning, physical and logical security, security audits, penetration testing, incident response and data loss, and computer and phone forensics. With the number of data security threats growing, companies need the right mix of people, skills, and technology to ensure breaches are kept at bay. OJT has the appropriate infrastructure to handle these.

Security Services

OJT Investigations Group has a dedicated crisis management team that handles sensitive client needs related to stalking, thefts, extortion and blackmail, kidnap attempts or threats, arrests, false media coverage, and travel to high risk areas. The surveillance is discreet and the team provides 24-hour updates to ensure that risky persons are monitored closely. This also covers thorough bug sweeping and de-bugging services.