Preparing for Your Consultation With a Reckless Driving Attorney


When you have been charged with reckless driving, defending yourself without legal aid in court is risky, especially if you have a prior criminal history and record. When you want to improve your chances of a lenient sentencing or ruling, hiring the right reckless driving Fairfax county is essential. Before meeting with a reckless driving attorney that is right for you, there are a few ways to prepare for your consultation to move forward with your case as smoothly as possible.

Request Police Reports

Request official police reports regarding your case at your local precinct before scheduling a consultation with a reckless driving attorney. Official documents and records regarding your specific case is extremely helpful when you are seeking guidance and advice from an attorney who specializes in reckless driving charges and court cases.

Gather Photo and Video Evidence

Gather any photo and video evidence that was taken at the scene of the crime (if any) before meeting with an attorney to discuss your case options. Whenever you are involved in a vehicle accident or a reckless driving case, take photos from all angles and record using video if possible. Ask others who are also available or nearby the scene of the accident or crime you were involved in for additional photographic and video evidence. If you received your ticket near a public location or a privately owned business, inquire about video and photographic evidence prior to your official consultation with an attorney.

Ask for Eyewitness Statements

Always ask for eyewitness statements if you believe you are not at fault whenever you are involved in an auto accident or when you are charged with reckless driving. Eyewitness statements can be written, recorded, or you can ask an eyewitness to testify for you once your case goes to trial.

Knowing what to expect when meeting with a reckless driving Fairfax county attorney is a way to alleviate anxiety while better understanding your case options ahead of time. Working together with a professional reckless driving attorney improves the odds of having a case ruled in your favor or reducing the overall repercussions you are facing.