Planning for a Gracious and Memorable Funeral Service


Death comes to everyone eventually. For those grieving families and loved ones who are left behind, a gracious and memorable funeral service that has been organised carefully and compassionately by an experienced outfit like Academy Funeral Services is the best way to remember and celebrate a life.

Many people choose to pre-plan their own funerals years in advance. This may sound odd and perhaps even morbid to some people, but it has the following advantages:

  • Control and acceptance: By planning your own funeral well in advance, you have control over the proceedings. While the deceased will certainly not care for what happens during a funeral service, planning it oneself may lead to an acceptance of the inevitable and a feeling of having taken care of end of life arrangements.
  • Family: Sometimes, a sudden or unexpected death can leave a family grieving and having to endure the emotional burden and financial stress of organising the entire funeral service themselves. The sad truth is that some families simply do not have the money to pay for the kind of funeral service they might like for the deceased. When a funeral has been pre-planned, it takes significant pressure off the family members and loved ones. Many funeral services offer funeral plans that make good sense, including Academy Funeral Services.

What to Do When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies, it is often a very emotional time for those left behind, particularly in cases of sudden or unexpected deaths. This can leave family members feeling emotionally distraught, bereft and unable to cope. While it is certainly a tough time for many, there are a number of things that need to be done during this time, and that can be done to ease the burden. Consider the following advice carefully:

  • Support: Some family members might feel like they need to handle everything on their own. This may be their way of grieving or coping, but in a situation like this it is best to encourage the gentle and compassionate support of family and friends. If everyone shares the burden, the emotional suffering can be lessened and the practical things that need to be done can be organised in a more efficient way without all the stress being placed on a single person.
  • Communicate: Once a loved one dies, whether it is expected or not, it is important to contact other family members immediately to let them know. For those who are remote or live overseas, consider a phone call at an appropriate time so that communication is more intimate.
  • Funeral plans: Check to see if the deceased has a funeral plan in place. Many older people like to pre-plan their own funerals so that they don’t leave remaining family with a financial burden to deal with. In a case where a funeral plan has been made, contact the funeral d
  • Funeral home: If a funeral plan was not in place, you will need to choose a funeral home. There are many funeral directors in Sydney, and it is always a good idea to do some research on which one is most appropriate.
  • Other plans: Whether the deceased had a funeral plan paid for or not, it is also a good idea to check to see if they had any specific funeral requests in place. It may be something as simple as a piece of music they wanted played, or something more involved, such as a location for scattering ashes.
  • Notifications: You will also need to notify places like Centrelink and banks about the deceased so that they can close out any accounts the deceased might have had.

Taking Control of an Emotional Time

Even though the death of a loved one can cause great outpourings of emotion in those left behind, it is important to share the emotional burden and take control of the situation so that plans can be put in place.