Personal Injury & Social Security Attorney from Tuite Law in Rockford


Not all days are happy ones. Due to other’snegligence and unethical driving, one might get badly injured, there can be a workplace accident which may have resulted in loss of a body part & multiple injuries and there may be a tragic case of wrongful death. All these demands fairness and compensation.

Rockford Personal Injury Attorneys at Tuite Law are here in your fight for justice since last 50 years. That is right! 50 long years.Established in the year 1958, the firm is legally representing the injured and disabled since then. They have taken on workers’ compensation, personal injury, and social security disability claims throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

The firm is looked upon for the claims cases where

  • One got injured at work due to unsafe working conditions
  • Met an accident due to fault of others `
  • Unable to work due to medical conditions

Their services are affordable. They work on “contingency fees” model; no fee until the plaintiff obtains the security disability amount money. One can take their first consultation with no charge at all.

A brief over their practice areas

Tuite is now a trusted name in Rockford, Illinois. They have attorneys who have hand-on experience on the following legal practice areas:

  • Social Security

A person who is physically or mentally disable and cannot take any work for earning wages, is liable to receive his/her social security under the federal law.

Diseases that majorly qualify, but are not limited to, for social security are heart diseases, mental

disorders, hearing loss or blindness or Parkinson’s disease. Reservations are also made available for certain special conditions of an individual.

Rockford attorney are versed with all the laws concerning to social security disability of the state of Illinois.

  • Personal Injury

The Tuite Law also deals in personal injury litigations. The attorney can be hired by the victim or friend & family member of the victim to contest for the fair amount of compensation for the medical cost, property damage, loss of wages, etc. incurred due to negligence of another person. These claims can be made to direct culprit person, or its insurance or any other person responsible for the accident.

The Tuite covers almost all cases of personal injury, viz, auto accidents, wrongful death, truck accident, DUI (driving under influence) accident, motorcycle, bicycle, traumatic brain injury and pedestrian accident.

  • Worker’s Compensation

This encases winning over the rightful compensation for work-related injuries – back injuries, neck injuries, ruptured discs, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, ulnar nerve compression, foot and knee injuries, sprains & strains, fractures, and amputations, burns and other scarring, dermatitis, breathing disorders such as asbestosis and silicosis.

Tuite team ensures that the victim must be given enough amount to cope up with the unfortunate workplace accident. The compensation should cover all the medical expenses, any wages loss due to temporary disability like short-term fracture, vocational rehabilitation in case person cannot return to previous employer, a well sum amount for any permanent or partial disability caused due to injury.

The Tuite Law is a responsible firm. It would help to resolve the matter with reasonable negotiations but is also on its toes if the need for lawsuit arises. For more details about Tuite Law, one can refer their official website.