Outside GC – Hire Part Time Lawyers


Hiring part time lawyers is an idea that might pair well with businesses that are in desperate need for legal assistance but don’t have the big firm budget to put together a team on in-house legal experts. It is also an idea that might work well with big firms whose current in-house team of lawyers has been stretched thin but the firm has no intentions of making permanent additions to the team. It is a cost effective way to ensure the business has the legal representation it needs without having to spend too much on an in-house team.

Outside GC presents businesses and companies with the possibilities of hiring part time lawyers from its list of highly qualified and highly experienced lawyers that are also part of an in-house team. Their team has in the past served at various capacities in the executive role of different businesses and fully understand the different processes and legislatures that come with commercial law. The team of professionals is also from different backgrounds and states which means that a business can choose to work with a local based professional who will understand the local legislature better.

With the option to hire part time lawyers, the business is able to stick to its budget without sacrificing on the quality of the legal representation that it is able to secure. The less rigid system of hiring the lawyers also allows the business to have the lawyer jump on the pressing legal matters faster saving time and cost.

Outside GC lawyers are able to offer a wide range of services depending on what the business is looking for. Such services include mergers and acquisitions, risk management procedures and policies, managing corporate governance, handling employment and immigration matters and also negotiating and drafting contracts among other services.

Companies that have an in-house team of lawyers can also seek to hire part time lawyers when going through laborious processes that stretch their in-house team thin. To supplement temporarily and ensure that the business is well covered, such a business can also look for the services of a lawyer on demand.

The process of hiring a lawyer on demand will depend on the terms that the business is seeking such assistance under. Professionals from Outside GC are able to function like your own in-house team of lawyers including having their email addresses on your email system and even having an extension on your phone system. The hired lawyer will take time to understand the internal systems of the business to provide you with the most appropriate action and advice.

Getting these lawyers to work for any business is not a tedious process. Considering that different businesses have different needs and that the circumstances could be urgent, there are different structures in place that will allow the process of outsourcing much easier to allow the business secure assistance. The fees are also structured and tailored to meet the needs of different businesses, sizes and circumstances.

For further information and enquiries, it is possible to reach out to Outside GC via their phone numbers or email addresses or the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.