Obtaining Information on Ex-Convicts Is Possible and Practical


Many people and companies are interested in getting background information on felons today. This is why they turn to the Intelius felony data for a reliable source of info on former criminals. This company covers every type of felon on its site, from registered sex offenders to murderers.

It is true that a business or individual might try to find this information on their own. For example, the database of registered sex offenders is freely available to the public in most jurisdictions. The problem is that each city in the U.S. has its own particular and sometimes significantly different system for logging criminals. This means that it could be a little difficult to discover who is living across the street.

Intelius is more thorough with their list than some competing services. They include the information on all types of felons who have committed a host of crimes. Next they combine the results of all of their various sources and research into one massive super database.

Sources of Intellius Databases

The sources from which Intelius gathers this vast collection of data are many and varied. There are the usual traditional database sources from cities, public registries that are not online which are maintained by various jurisdictions, plus national registries from the likes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and more. Besides this, there are private collections of information on felons that are proprietary information.

What Alternatives Do People and Businesses Have to Companies Like Intellius?

For individuals and businesses who need this information, the alternatives to gathering this data from such companies as Intellius are not ideal. They could query the individual job applicant at a company about the applicant’s criminal past. People could also ask their neighbors (directly to their faces) if they are prior criminals. The problem with this is that the individuals being asked can always lie. It is not against the law for them to do so, even on a job application.

These individuals and businesses who require this information could also hire a private investigator or detective to sleuth out the information on the potential employees or the neighbors. This is entirely legal as well.

Naturally a neighbor who is afraid of his or her neighbors could always call 911 on them in the event that he or she felt threatened by the shady neighbor. It is far better to not reach this point of having a true emergency because of a potentially dangerous ex-convict neighbor. It does not matter if it is an arsonist, a thief, or a sex offender. Having reliable information on the state of neighbors and potential employees means that there is no need to worry about the unthinkable happening.