Mills Elder Law – a Law Service that is Helping People with Elder Care Law


For many aging adults in the New Jersey area, planning for the future can seem like a worrisome prospect given the needs of today’s society. Finding a trusted attorney who will treat you with the care and respect that you need can often be a tough task, as many lawyers charge exorbitant fees and do not provide one with the attention they deserve. However, look no further. Darren Mills is an elder law attorney in Red Bank, New Jersey whose firm, Mills Elder Law, provides a host of services to the aging and elderly.

A member of the New Jersey Bar Elder Law and Disability Section, Darren J Mills of Mills Elder Law operates in only a select number of areas. Their aim is to educate clients on how best to plan for a future which may require long-term care and assuring families are protected in the absence of a loved one. As part of their service they focus on how best to meet the requirements of special needs cases and deal with issues of housing, home care, health and wellness, long-term care, and guardianship of estate. Their holistic approach to special needs planning does not only focus on the client but also ensures that families are included in the process of estate transfer and guardianship.

Having an elder law attorney Toms River is important, given the high number of retirees in the area. As such, the services that are offered at Mills Elder Law are important to assist those in need of special needs planning in Red Bank. One such service is that of Medicaid planning and applications, with which the support staff will provide assistance. This can be organized prior to a client needing full time care or in the event that a client is currently requiring that service. It is advised that potential clients seek out information on how to plan for long-term care in advance of needing the service as it is never certain when emergencies may occur.

Following the need for Medicaid and special needs planning Toms River, clients will require services which assist them in understanding how best to manage their estate. Mills Elder Law will work through the relevant channels, while being guided by New Jersey law precedents to work through probate. This process can be hard, especially if a family is in a state of grieving. For this reason, having an elder lawyer in Red Bank with extensive knowledge and experience in state law will greatly benefit the family.

So, if you or your loved ones are in need of special needs planning, Medicaid assistance, or estate planning in the New Jersey area, turn to Mills Elder Law. Their inclusive approach to service provision ensures that you and your family, no matter your background, will be treated with the respect that you deserve. Their services span a range of counties, whether you require a Medicaid planning attorney in Toms River, or an elder law attorney in Red Bank, Mills Elder Law can assist you in planning for a better tomorrow.